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Creative Projects

Documentary Films

What has Bondi done to my brother? (2016) 20 minutes
Joe and Tom were never close as brothers. When Joe quit his high flying finance job, moved to Bondi Beach and opened a vegan cafe, Tom took a chance  to finally connect with his big brother.  

Swimming in gold (2017) 12 mins

Two Afghan brothers live as refugees in Iran and Germany; one risks it all for his family’s future while the other stays to struggle on. 

Emrah (2019) 12 mins
After coming out as gay, Emrah was abandoned by his family and imprisoned by his country, Turkmenistan. With nothing but a 3 year refugee visa in Berlin, Germany, he’s learnt to love himself and is trying to forge a career as a belly dancer.


Can you be a bad volunteer? (2016)
This podcast is about  my trip to visit my sister at the Katsikas Refugee Camp in Greece, where she worked for Oxfam in 2016. What started out as a well intentioned trip ended up as a head first dive into the complex world of volunteering.

Hitch-hiking in the Balkans (2017)

This 4 episode podcast series is about my 6 day hitch-hiking trip from Greece to Hungary. Over 30 people gave him a ride and he recorded many of their converstaions. From jewelery theives to bee-keepers, enjoy the personal stories that Tom took from the road.


Boxing Day Cup (2016)
Tom hosts the annual charity Boxxing Day Cup cricket match in Adeliade, South Australia.

Folsom Europe (2016)
Tom attends the Folsom Queer street parade in Berlin, Germany.


“Can you really be a bad volunteer?” (2016)

“Did the protests at the G20 in Hamburg make any difference?” (2017)